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  1. Perfecting ones character/humility

  2. Lowliness before Hashem

  3. Fear of Sin

  4. Distance from pride

  5. Distance from anger & irritation

  6. Distance from forbidden foods

  7. Distance from Lashon Hara

  8. Avoiding lies

  9. Avoiding lightheadedness

  10. Avoiding foul language

  11. Concentration on Brachos before & after eating

  12. Tikkun Chatzos

  13. Careful study of Halacha

  14. Studying Torah while wearing one's Tallis & Tefillin

  15. Putting on Rabbenu Tam Tefillin

  16. Purification in a Mikveh

  17. First ten men to come to Shul

  18. Profound love for every Mitzvah

  19. Love for Torah study

  20. Serving Hashem with joy

  21. Hisbodedus

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