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Welcome to Keser Torah Worldwide - bringing you a treasure of Torah knowledge.

We invite you to browse our site and experience the exciting world of Torah. With over 10,000 inspirational shiurim and lectures in our Audio Library, and a vast array of interesting and informative articles - our goal is to reveal the inner beauty of the Torah in a way that touches and inspires the Jewish soul.

Our lectures feature works from many of Judaism's greatest luminaries, which include The Rashbi, The Ramak , The Arizal, Rav Chaim Vital, The Ramchal, The Vilna Gaon, The Baal Shemtov, The Rashash, Rav Chaim Volozhin, The Maharal, The Ben Ish Chai, Rav Tzaddok, The Leshem... and many more.

We highlight the essential texts and building blocks of Jewish life - given by Maagedai Shiurim of the highest caliber. Listen anytime via Web, Phone at (718) 906-6455 or download in MP3 format. It is all in one place, at no cost to you!


Lectures for Beginners

Now beginners can feel comfortable as they explore the exciting & inspirational world of Torah.

Audio Library

Stream or download - over 10,000 shiurim from some of Judaism's greatest luminaries.

Gedolai Tzaddikim's viewpoint on
the importance of learning
Toras HaNistar

Spiritual template for achieving
personal excellence based on the
Ten Sefirot

The Arizal's mystical model for
attaining Holiness

Exploring Jewish Thought from a mystical perspective by Rabbi David Aaron

Journey into the weekly Sedra with
our high caliber Maagedai Shiurim

The Secret of Happiness
by Rabbi Shmeul Irons



3-part audio series exploring strategies for developing meaningful relationships by Rabbi Jonathan Reitti.

Featured Articles - Parenting

Raising emotionally healthy children by Rabbi Lawerence Kelemen

Expanding Yourself
by Rabbi Fischel Shechter

Experience the inner depth &
beauty of the Torah through our new
e-book feature.

3-part inspirational audio series by
Rabbi Shimon Kessin on Shemiras Halashon

Journey into the Parsha based on fundamental principles of Chassidic Thought by Rav Simcha Schorr

Timely topics in Jewish thought by Rabbi Mordechai Becher.

The power of prayer as a tool for inspiration & personal growth by Rav Noach Isaac Oelbaum

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