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As featured in the Hamodia 5 Shevat 5770

Klal Yisroel unfortunately has no idea what kind of Tzaddik it lost in the passing of Harav Hagaon Moshe Luria. I have been a Talmid of Rav Luria for 10 years, ever since I bought my first of his sefarim, from his work 'Beis Geneizia'. I quickly realized not only did Rav Luria know Kol Hatorah Kulah - but the incredible depth of his knowledge was incomprehensible. I never met Rav Luria in person because I live in America and the Rav lived in Eretz Isroel, yet through Rav Luria's sefarim, our connection was very profound and meaningful. His sefarim touched me in a very real way. How anyone from this generation could understand Torah with such depth and profundity always amazed me. When you learn Rav Luria's Torah, you literally feel like your standing at Har Sinai.

His over 70 volumes of Chidushim covering all facets of Torah was a testimony to his greatness. His sefarim weren't Likutim like most of the sefarim published today. Every line is filled with Chidushim opening up and revealing the inner depth of Chazal and the Torah.

A Rav from America recently went to Eretz Yisroel - he asked different Rabbaim in Eretz Yisroel if he only has time to meet 2 Gedolim who would they recommend? Without hesitation, they replied that there are only 2 people that could give a shiur on any part of the Torah without preparation - it was no surprise to me that Rav Luria'was one of them. I recently met a Possak who is on the Bais Din of the Edis Charidis. I asked him if he knew Rav Luria. He threw up his hands and said, "Is there anybody like him? His mind is better than a computer." Terms like Rav and Rebbe do Rav Luria no justice - his greatness was from a previous generation.

Every year a particular Rosh kollel from Eretz Yisroel comes to Cleveland collecting for the roughly 500 Yungerleit in his Yeshiva. The first thing he does when he comes to town is ask me for one of Rav Luria's Sefarim. He has told me time and again there is no-one like Rav Luria, his breadth and depth of knowledge and his mastery of both the revealed and hidden aspects of Torah is unparalleled. Even more amazing was his Avodas Hashem. He davened Neitz every morning at the Kosel, and he was a person of incredible humility, running away from any type of kavod.

I once sent someone to Rav Luria's house to buy some sefarim for me. Before he left, the Rav handed him 3 volumes of his Chidushei Torah on Pesach and told him to please take them, you'll see somebody will need them. As soon as I received the sefarim in America, a friend of mine called wanting to learn Rav Luria's seforim on Pesach but he didn't know where to purchase them. I told him don't worry the Rav had you in mind - and the sefarim are here at my house. How the Rav knew that somebody would need those sefarim will always remain a mystery to me.

The Torah tells us Tefillos that come from the Pnimius Halev are always answered. I davened for 20 years to find a Tzaddik that could open up the true depth and profundity of the Torah and whose Middos and Avodas Hashem could match his knowledge. I am truly humbled by the kindness Hashem has granted me by allowing me the privilege to learn from a Tzaddik of Rav Luria's caliber. It was known that at Shaarie Shamyim - the Yeshiva of Mikubalim in Yerushalim, that the Talmidim would only stand for two people - Rav Fishel Eisenbach and Rav Moshe Luria . Fortunate were the people who were touched by this great Tzaddik of our generation.

Rabbi Chaim Zwick
Executive Director

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