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Keser Torah's uncompromising committment to perpetuate the teaching of the Gedolai Tzaddikim of previous generations is of critical importance. This worldwide effort to inspire Jews of every stature - from Rebbeim and Maggidei Shiurim to the simple, unaffiliated Jew is timely, relevant and a unique contribution to Klal Yisroel. I have benefitted from their work.

Rav Boruch Hirschfeld
Rosh Kollel, Cleveland

The Shiurim in Daas Elokim by Rav. Ephraim Goldstein are a masterpiece - a pre-requisite for anyone who truly desires to understand the depth & profundity of the Torah.

Rabbi Michoel Handler
Executive Director, Hatzalah

Complex concepts in Jewish Thought explained with clarity & precision. I recommend these Shiurim highly.

Rabbi Gideon Nitzion
St. Louis

Thanks to these Shiurim in Penimius Hatorah, I have a renewed passion & appreciation for Torah & Avodas Hashem.

David Kaziyer
Engineer, New York

I have been learning for years - but the clarity of thought & deep insights of the Shiurim offered by JHF have superseded all of my expectations.

Rav Yoseph Chaim Nimrod
Rosh Kollel, England

JHF's Magedai Shiurim are talented, accomplished educators. Highly skilled at articulating complicated ideas, and making them relevant to everyday life.

Dr. B Brenner
University Hospital

I recently sampled 15 minutes of Rav. Efraim Goldstien on Eitz Chaim - Wow! Bracha V'Hatzlacha.

Rabbi Nasan Maimon

Rabbi Zwick is an exceptionally talented educator. His unique, intuitive sense allows him to penetrate to the core of an issue, as he expounds on complex Torah concepts and how they impact everyday life.

Dr. Mark Goldberg
Surgeon, University Hospital

Rabbi Kranz and Rabbi Handler are gifted educators who truly personify Torah values and ideals. Yasher Koach on the important work you do on behalf of Klal Yisroel.

Rabbi Yitzchok Horowitz
Brooklyn NY

I have been listening to your Audio Shiurim for 3 months and in that short period I have been able to accomplish more of my learning goals than in the previous 4 years. Many thanks to you and your entire staff of educators.

Alan Lipman
New York

These Shiurim provide a catalyst to unlock the Torah and our deepest potential as human beings. You should have continued success.

Meir Deutsch
New York

These lectures provide an intriguing opportunity to connect to our Jewish roots in a way that is both uplifting & inspiring.

Dr. Mark Winters

Yasher Koach - an exciting, stimulating & path-breaking journey in Jewish learning.

Avraham Meir

I want to thank the JHF for launching this worldwide study in Jewish Thought. A unique opportunity to rediscover our true spiritual essence.

Dr.Alan Rosenthal

At one time or another, we all wrestle with the ultimate questions of human existence, "what is life about? Why did Hashem create the world? And what is my purpose in creation?" These Shiurim will answer those questions and more!

Alan Gerstein
Investment Advisor, Rhode Island

A much needed and very important service for Klal Israel - may you continue to be Matzleach.

Baruch Friedman
Four Seasons CEO, New York

I have been learning with Rabbi Zwick for over a year - all I can say is Brilliant! I highly recommend.

Bernie Aushanenwitz
Cleveland, Ohio

Learning with Rabbi Zwick is authentic and real. We have established a meaningful bond in the passionate pursuit of intellectual and spiritual growth.

Alan Ross, Esq.
Ross, Brittain & Schonberg Co.

Through these Shiurim in Penimius Hatorah, I've been able to reach levels I never dreamed possible. May Hashem help you to continue your important work on behalf of the Jewish people.

Rabbi Yaakov Labinski
Aish Hatorah

These Shiurim explore the inner beauty and depth of the Torah in a way that awakens a true love for Torah and Mitzvot. Bracha V'hatzlocha.

David Belleli
Star Construction

Chaim's sensitive, intuitive approach and keen insights have made a world of difference in my personal & professional life. He has an uncanny ability to get to the core of an issue - and then guide me on a positive path suited to my needs and capacity.

Larry Weissman
Sheraton Furniture, President

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